By Gail Carriger

Lady Alexia Maccon has just moved into Woosley Estate with her husband, Lord Conall Maccon, and the rest of the pack. But for some strange reason she can’t seem to pin her husband down for a mere moment of chatter. And when the extended pack arrives and begins setting up camp on the front lawn the Alpha female has her work cut out for her. With her spouse suddenly out-of-town, introductions are few and far between, though not without their hiccups. But what has this group of werewolves brought along with them? It would seem Alexia is not the only curse-breaker around.

After a suggestion from a ghost of the estate Alexia ventures out for a new parasol at the local hat shoppe. Where upon she meets the rather unique, and scandalously french Madame Lefoux. Who, as it turns out, is quite the inventor and adventurer. It would seem Alexia Maccon’s own adventure is about to begin. Via a dirigible. To Scotland. With her sister, her friend, an inventor, a claviger, and her french maid.

Scotland, it would appear, is damp and quite antiquated. While visiting her newly acquired in-laws, Alexia and her recovered husband delve back into some of Lord Maccon’s past. Which, it would seem, is very dramatic. And though there are some rough edges, Alexia may just be the right woman to take on the job of mediator. And being her direct self (not to mention mujah), that is exactly what she plans to do.

There are many things Alexia Maccon still has to learn, in a way only our stalwart heroine can. I truly loved this second book. The characters are comical and very colorful. Each one with their own set of baggage. Not to mention the Earl and his amorous affections for his new bride. It’s a nine out of ten for me! You just don’t see this kind of attention to detail often.

And yes, I did copy and paste this from another review I did previously. However, they are both slightly different from one another. If you want to see the original head on over to Goodreads and check it out under Lizi.