After doing my post on my reading habits it lead me to think about when, where, and how I read. I noticed that all of my reading moments are about balance. Why does this spark a post? Well, I feel like writers and readers alike can all seek solace in this particular area of life.

In my personal life I am constantly laying out my weeks. Sundays are for church, AM and PM. Mondays are lazy days. Tuesdays are chores. Wednesdays through Fridays are doctors appointments, work, and chores. Saturdays are unpredictable. All the while I’m taking care of and cleaning up after pets, being a wife, connecting with friends, getting together with family, shopping for household needs, and many other things. We don’t even have kids yet!


And somewhere in all of the madness we search for the elusive time to read and write. As a writer I look for inspiration and materials to aid in my writing journey. I also have to take time for my multipurpose blog. And oddly enough I can only read during some sort of madness.

So what do we do? How do we find time?

Simple answer, we don’t.

In order to accomplish anything we have to treat it just like everything else. When I lay out my weeks I have to take into account any time I want to fill with odd activities and the unexpected. I have to schedule time to write and blog. I then have to be disciplined enough to actually do it.

For me, though, I have recently had to realize some things are not attainable. There will always be laundry and dishes to do. Something can always be cleaned. But we have to ration. While I could say on Mondays I do only laundry all day and Tuesdays I could clean house my brain doesn’t work that way. Do I enjoy seeing my closet all neat and tidy, absolutely. Only, I can’t sit all day and wait on the laundry to do its thing while I could be doing something else. In the midst of the many chores I can accomplish while the laundry is washed and dried I have to decide what else I should do. Okay now the dishes are going in the dishwasher. Now what?


So I ration. I do a few loads of laundry and dishes, then I sit and blog, write, or read. Occasionally I do these while also working on my tan. (I live in the south, what can I say?) And for my attention span this works. I do sometimes schedule time to start laundry and write for hours.

Like I mentioned earlier I don’t have any children as of yet. I know sometime, hopefully soon, my “spare time” will be consumed by their needs. My weeks will be constructed differently. I’m also not actually a control freak. This just happens to be our current routine, which I’m just thrilled we finally have obtained during the cancer/chemo madness.

Just know that you are not alone. We all have different struggles. We’re thrilled when our chores overlap and multiple things get accomplished at once. Whether you have some disease, are a busy parent, or have a million jobs you are not alone. That’s why I blog. To advise, entertain, and encourage.

Have a good one!