I like to think of myself as a casual gamer. With a husband who is an awesome gamer it’s difficult not to pick up a few things. But occasionally yours truly knows a little more than my man.

As a child I had the joy of playing a certain little game known as King’s Quest. To be fair I was only able to play 6 – Heir Today Gone Tomorrow. But this particular game was so memorable I did everything I could to play it repeatedly over the years. Obviously, after technological advances and such using that disc became impossible (because only the PS3 has backwards compatibility). So I sat sadly in my little corner pining for the good old days while the hubs played everything from WoW to FNAF4.

Then I find out recently that Sierra has been working secretly to develop King’s Quest A Knight to Remember. These episodes of the story take us back through time before Alexander of Daventry. These stories are from King Graham to his grandchildren.

Having played the first chapter I am geeking out! The first thing you’ll notice is the art style. It is a beautifully designed game. Hand painted then animated the world of Daventry is alive with vivid colors and unique characters. Every person you meet has their own individual personality and temperament.

The second thing you’ll notice is the throwbacks. Aside from the winks from past games, you’ll find the play style is incredibly similar. Being a King’s Quest game you’ll find it is not linear. Exploring and trial and error are key in your many adventures. You may need grapes but you must first meet a troll, cross a bridge, settle a disagreement, and find a potion to use on the grapes. You still run around villages and forests insane amounts of times, but at least you’ll have fun and good scenery!

The humor is still the same, even better in my opinion. Whether you turn the wrong wheel, walk into the darkness unprepared, or forget to hide from dragons you’ll definitely get a laugh. Sometimes it’s just the other zany characters who crack you up!

This game is also heart touching. It does a fantastic job of showing and not telling. For example; you start off in an underground cave. You find a bed and, naturally, crawl into it. Hey, that’s cute! you think to yourself. Then you realize this is a tool for later survival. For anyone to have that amount of thought when creating a game takes a touch of magic. So often today games tell you everything. Go here. Do this. Kill this monster. But in this game it flows so naturally, and each character so human, that it draws you in.

There is so much to these games I could go on for weeks! If you’ve never played them, even if you’re not a gamer, you’ve really missed out on a special treat. Many people of different backgrounds have enjoyed these games. I wouldn’t call it a cult classic but something from the “golden age” of video games. It truly is a very cool series. And did I mention the original creators gave it their total blessing? Yeah, it’s that good.

Anyway, have a good one!