Each day we all do something careless. Whether it is something we write or a chore half finished. Everyone has a careless moment from time to time, day to day. I am just as guilty as the next person. No matter how hard I try to not half @$$ anything there are days when I’ve had enough and let something slide.

This weekend, however, I learned a little more about carelessness. Recycling sounds like something only the health conscious do. I don’t mean that offensively, on the contrary I greatly admire those efforts. Until now I have seen the senseless discarding of glass and metal on the roadside as nothing major. I mean, it’s a resource from the ground itself and so shall it return. Right??

Wrong. You see, we put up a fence for a few reasons. Firstly, to protect our yard from further erosion due to the kids next door. Secondly, for privacy. And lastly, to allow our dogs a bit of freedom to roam. Our yard was meant to be a safe place for all of us, including our animals, to spend time outdoors. Then Jak came in bleeding. Apparently the previous owners had (aside from a criminal record) the same mind set about littering as I did. Glass and metal will biodegrade over time. What neither of us realized is how long it would take for it to degrade.

While my dog is getting stitched up (or something similar) I now comb through our small patch of trees trying to find whatever he slashed his foot on. Finding multiple glass bottles/cups, metal cans, and plastic water bottles I was saddened.

I’ve never been a “tree hugger” but I do try to be considerate of the world I live in. I’m not the only creature here and those others rely on us to be responsible. If, each day, we throw out one piece of trash errantly then our lands would be covered in refuse and disease. Those bugs we cringe over would be positively EVERYWHERE. Doing exactly what they are designed to do, break down the garbage. Vultures are horridly gross creatures, but without them the dead wouldn’t deteriorate nearly as fast. Without beetles carcasses would litter roadways for even longer periods. Throwing out waste that does not easily break down slows the process down. Wasting the time of those perfect creatures and harming others.

You’ll never see an animal knowingly consume glass. You’ll never see one devour plastic and live happily ever after. These products are hazards to those who had no hand in their conception.

So, on behalf of animal lovers and pets owners, please be careful with your trash. Find any available bin or recycling location and use it effectively.