Tickling the Geek…

Happy Monday everyone! And if it is not, then I am so very sorry… but I do not work on Mondays so…

Anyway, onward!

During my anime submersion, which is what happens every time you become totally obsessed with one, I have learned a great many things which have just gotten me thrilled! Oh, I am so happy!

So as you may have read I have been reading and watching the anime Kamisama Kiss.


It has been referred to as the 50/50 spot between Inuyasha and Fruits Basket. It has a similar visual feel as Fruits Basket in its pastels and softness, yet a story silly and torn like that of Inuyasha. Kamisama Kiss is a lovely story of teenage Nanami and her incidental acquiring of the position of Land God. She meets her familiar, Tomoe, and together the two strive to turn Nanami into someone worthy of the position. There are many characters who aid in the process and add their own antics to the mix.

Like many of you do when taking on a new anime or manga you watch and then take a closer look. You fall for the characters and then take a look at the ones whose magic makes it all possible. Everyone from the voice actors and ADR directors to the original cast and writers. You learn about their previous works and watch their panels online or in person. You attend the conventions to get inside their heads (and… possibly ask, yet again, for J. Michael Tatum to do a “Yes, My Lord”).

I have also found something through all this nonsense (or as I like to call it, obsessive appreciation).

Are you ready for this???

Assassination Classroom is coming to the US!!!! *Squee*


Yup, yup, yup! I cannot wait!!!

*Ah-hem* Moving on…

In other news, you can also expect a few more books from Melinda Salisbury. She did not quite close off the end of The Sin Eater’s Daughter and has plans to continue on. For which I am incredibly grateful. Why, you ask? Well… we all know how the last series I began ended… it did NOT. If I ever find that second novel…. *breathes deep* It is not the writer’s fault….

Also, I wanted to give you some friendly advice on a few things. First of all, if you believe your favorite actor, voice actor, writer, or whomever doesn’t open their own mail/emails do not test it by sending an obscene note. It could get you into trouble.

Next, if you find a new show you love, say on Netflix or YouTube, PLEASE try to restrain yourself from binge watching it all in a single day. I am not saying this to be a kill joy. I am saying this as your friend. The bereft feeling left after it is all over is never fun. The same could be said with books, but with books you can plunge into another recommended series usually pretty quickly.

And lastly, I understand the pain of having to be patient for your next anime show to come out. Whether it is the next season, the OVA, or the movie – I totally get it. However, when you watch pirated copies on the internet you are stealing the joy and hard work from those that made your viewing it possible. Thankfully, our country does have Funimation.

You Should Be Watching

You Should Be Watching

With the internet we have the capability to view simulcasts and livestreams, which are awesome! But without companies like Funimation we would only be left with odd collections on YouTube*, which would be poorer quality and cut in strange places. Not to mention the copyright laws and all of the flagged videos. So please do not encourage such sad practices. I know we have all done it at some point, but if you want to keep our nice American company in business then it takes a bit of self control and discipline.

Well, that is all I have for today. Have a good one!

*I do understand Funimation has their own YouTube channel and it is a wonderful resource, so please do not hate me.