In my adventures online I have noticed something which is so bothersome I feel the need to turn my head sideways and squint one eye. The very same reaction comes each time my phone does not recognize my words. My issue? The loathing of “big words” or words which would fall into a rather extensive vocabulary. A word such as ‘esoteric’ or even something as trivial as ‘cranium’.

Whenever I have attempted to use a word that even Word itself does not recognize I find myself proud to be a homo sapien (which, by the way, this site is flagging currently as a misspelling). The fact that my brain is still outdoing that of technology gives me warm and fuzzy feelings. I love learning a new word whether that word is in English or not. I adore the written word and when someone eloquently phrases a paragraph. To learn and understand the usage of such a word is ecstasy!

I have even written passages of language with words that may not, originally, make sense. The goal of which being that I want the reader to study the word and all its possible meanings to feel the essence of that sentence. Because, you see, words are extremely powerful. Utilizing them in order to confound is irresponsible and can cause your reader/listener to fall into confusion and disinterest. I honestly believe that is why I despise politics.

If you listen to certain music you find this idea to be the same. Musicians choose words that are thought provoking and out of common language. They paint a picture in a way that you do not normally hear. Some enjoy the macabre, melancholy, and moony in their lyrics. Such lyrics pierce the brain and cause it to spin.

Shows from time to time use such tactics. Even in advertising. The words each group chooses are specifically detailed to catch the audience’s mind. The words ‘sale’, ‘bogo’, and ‘limited time’ catch our attention and make us listen. Ads for foods use words like ‘hot’, ‘tantalizing’, and ‘delicious’. Read a good food description in a book and you suddenly want that food.

To say you are “put off” by language that is more intellectual is similar to saying you enjoy your food bland. While you may not speak that way naturally, would not the whole world be ever more enjoyable if you did? Reading a classic novel is akin to the same idea. Even reading the Bible in an older translation.

Who loves poetry? For poets unique words are their forte. To take the world and allow you to see it through their lenses takes a certain talent. It often takes an artist.

So to the one who does not enjoy such imaginable language, I sincerely request you abstain from all formal society. Using “big words” does not make one a snob or a jerk. It merely boasts a further educated mind than what you have become accustomed to. I will, however, warn you of the perils you risk with such a mind set. A relative of mine once called an obnoxious person a “feces cranium”. That person had no idea what was said to them and it became a huge embarrassment to them later on. So, take heart, even mean people will use words such as these.

And for your information one of my favorite words is melancholy. My least, asinine. I mean really…