Attracting with the Unexpected….

If you’ve ever played ‘Them Games’, like I’ve addressed prior then you’ll be familiar with what I’m posting on today. There has been some sort of stigma for gaming developers to design female characters with specific “endowments”. This can also be true in books, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Play any game such as Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider, or any dating sim you know the typical design of the girls. I understand that women are physically different from men, and that men are more the audience some of these styles of games are directed towards. I, too, think women are fascinating creatures and have their many attributes.

I also know that men, and women, are more clever than some of these sales reps seem to understand. While that huge poster may have a rather voluptuous woman on it’s front, if you can’t provide a decent gaming experience, for those who are ruled by more than their hormones, then you have no product to sell.

Let’s look at Hunie Pop for a moment. It is an overly sexualized dating simulator. And while at first glance it gets a laugh, when played there is actually a story with each companion. The game developers understood that without more than just sex, there isn’t a product. I may not agree with their style and all, but they understand their market.

Next let’s see Life is Strange. Maxine Caulfield is not your typical female MC. She’s thin, not to curvy, and has an awkward disposition. So why do gamers like her? No, I’m not going for personality. It’s because she ISN’T what you expect. She is more like your friend from down the street. The game’s story is pretty unique and very interactive. You don’t focus on her physical form, you learn more through the gameplay and enjoy her being that awkward girl.

I think today we are so exposed to women of a certain body type that when someone “different” comes along we are… surprised.

Now as far as books go I see something a bit different. We don’t generally get a description of the female if told from a first person female perspective. We are left hanging a bit in order to further relate to your MC. You don’t “see” so much of the jaw dropping bombshell. (Excluding Romance novels, of course.)

And why is that? Well, we want to have a well fleshed out character, and that’s great. But, we really want to see action. It doesn’t matter if the story is a drama, romance, comedy, or mystery; what matters is that the story interests us and keeps moving.

Personally, I like to give you a visual of what my MC lady looks like. I want you to see who she is and have her in mind while you read. And it REALLY grates on my nerves when cover art is wrong. If your MC has blue eyes and black hair don’t give your cover art chick/dude brown eyes and a bald head! Sheesh!

You don’t ultimately play the game just to look at the pretty things. If that were the case no game would ever actually get played. And I would keep playing the “game of a thousand glitches”. You play for the interactive fun, the story, and the entertainment value. So next time you pick up a game for the looks, try something a little different. You never know, you may find something unexpected.

Have a good one!