The Sin Eater’s Daughter

By Melinda Salisbury

In the land of Lormere there is a king and a queen, there is a prince and a court. There also resides a lady whose name is Twylla. Brought in to become bride to the prince and be blessed as Daunen Embodied ( daughter of the gods), Twylla plays her part to the letter. Each day she follows her destined routine, praying and the like. Some days she sings for the king, others she follows the royal family out to the hunt. Everything as planned.

Or so it seems until her trusted guard takes ill. Suddenly things begin to unravel. The gods she once believed in may have just become fairytale, and fairytales have become reality. In this twisted tale Twylla must sort out deceit in the kingdom before it’s too late. She also must decide if it truly is her destiny to marry into the royal family and prevent certain tragedy.

When lies and fates intertwine the world as she knows it gets turned upside down. Melinda tells an amazing story with many woven threads. She beautifully and seamlessly creates a story that captures your imagination and intrigue. I don’t usually take to stories based in royal lands but this one embraced me and I couldn’t let it go. I encourage you to pick this up in your nearest YA section and read it. Possibly twice. Seven out of ten for me. Pretty darn good and I plan to read the next one.

Have a good one!