So, did you ever notice that when you go to Starbucks you see loads of people on their Internet devices? Well, did you notice that most of them are Apple products?

Yet, go down the street to your nearest Dunkin’ Donuts and everyone has an android?

Also, why can’t you find a decent phone with a slide out keyboard in America? One that’s also connected to AT&T? I know how to use a touch screen, heck I’m posting now via a touch screen. I enjoy the drag and type, but I’m nostalgic for the tiny buttons. 😦

I mean does everyone need a bigger phone? I like my tiny devices. I mean, compare the ipod nano with your cell phone. See what I mean?

Now, while I’m a happy android owner I did very much enjoy my little ipod…

And don’t get me started on the necessity for a Square reader.

Yup, that’s my Monday post. What can I say? It’s Monday after all!

Have a good one!