Book nonsense…

I recently posted a review of Siren by Tricia Rayburn. It was a pretty nice summer read and I liked it enough to pick up the second novel.

Then tragedy struck. I hit up my local BAM store and they don’t carry it, in store or online. Which I get, authors don’t sell in every chain. Okay. Then I travel over to my favorite B&N store. Not on the shelf. So I ask the clerk if it’s online. Hmm…. well they can’t get it in store unless the company gets requests for the novel. After a huff I whip out the old android and hit up Amazon. Yeah…. odds and ends from $2 up to $60!
It’s not even on Kindle folks!

So, I’m deprived of the next in the series and an doing the booky-pouts (new word!).

But on the plus side I did find Kamisama Kiss 3! And James Scott Bell’s book Conflict & Suspense!
So two out of the ain’t bad I suppose.

I would like to apologize for sparking your interest and not being able to supply the next review. It was good while it lasted. I just can’t say I totally understand why an author (who seems genuinely happy with her books and their sales) didn’t find some path to selling her hard work….. or at least blogging about why the stall.

Anyway, have a good one!