By Tricia Rayburn


Vanessa and her sister Justine are very close. Every summer in Maine they head out, with Caleb and Simon, to their favorite secret cliff diving spot. But when Justine goes a little too far and gets in trouble their problems have just begun.

Soon there are mysterious deaths washing up on the shores, including Justine. Following Justine more and more people turn up on the sandy shores of Maine. Some blame the strange weather happenings, others worry about what’s in the water, but something else is off besides the weather. All of the victims have things in common. They all turned up on the same beach near each other, they are all male, and they all were found dead and smiling.

Still upset over Justine’s strange death, Vanessa decides to meet up with Caleb, Justine’s former boyfriend, and Simon, his older brother, to find solace. But Caleb isn’t there. He’s been gone since Justine died.

The oddities keep coming and the dead keep washing up. Could the dead men and Justine be connected? What’s with the crazy storms? Where did Caleb disappear to?

All of these questions need answers and you’ll only find them in the amazing story Tricia Rayburn tells. The water and story are deep, so pick up Siren next time in your YA section. It’s shocking!

Have a good one!