Making the Monies….

I fully apologize for missing my usual Monday post. We had a family emergency and it derailed me. Anyway, onto the post!

I couldn’t remember if I had posted on this yet or not so I decided to hit it up specifically. When you go to the book store and pick up a novel you read the back cover/inside panel, you leaf through it, you check out the author, you check it out on Goodreads, then you check the price. When you go online you check out the cover art, try the sample, look at the price, then hit the old “buy now with one click” button. There may be a few other things you do to decide, but whether or not you sniff the thing is not the point. (Yes I know you do it…. and so do I.)

The point is that everything you check out was planned after much thought, change, then negotiations. That cover art cost the author something. That paper costs something. Even that shelf costs something. Everything that that book is cost someone something. (Even the editing.)

So that moment when you have discovered that awesome book and read that panel/back cover/sample then flipped it over to check the price…. what did you think? Were your first thoughts something along the lines of “Oh, not a bad deal” or more of the “Wow that’s expensive” variety? Either way that price means a lot of things. A lot of people worked to make this awesome thing happen. A lot of people did their best to try and sell this novel in their own way.

When the writer is sitting at home and gets that check on that one book they don’t see that 10, 15, or 20 dollars. They see change. Yep, those little coins you find in your car. Why? Because they only did the “first part” sort-to-speak. Now, granted, the more they sell the more they make and the better they get. The less time others have to spend correcting every little thing, the more they save. BUT, it takes skill to create an amazing cover art that will stop your patron. It takes a good editor to keep them hooked and not distracted by the really, really bad grammatical errors.

So, being a writer can’t begin with wanting to make lots-o’-dough. It has to be a passion. There simply is no better way to say it. If you are passionate about it then the process won’t kill you and the money won’t make you cry at first. I know I want to write because I love it. Is there more to it than just a dream? Certainly! But, at the end of the day, that thought about all of the work is exciting. Yes it will be hard. It will take loads of effort and emotion. My prize, however, is not in the money I make. No, it is in sharing a story no one has heard before. It is in taking my fans on an exciting journey that took me months/years to create. Why? Because that’s what I love. That’s why I love books.

Books are so much more than money. They are an escape and a journey. And if I can share my travels with someone who hungers for the same world, then I have accomplished my goal fully. And if they like it? That’s my reward.

I hope you have a great one, and keep on writing!!!