Story vs. Gameplay….

*Yikes! A Thursday blog post!* What can I say, I’m bored.

Today I wanted to explore the idea of storylines in gameplay. Is it necessary? Does it attract gamers? What styles “require” a good story? And what styles of games do not need storylines?

I have this relative, you see, who is convinced that his Xbox is the greatest thing since creation. He plays sports games constantly and his main argument for them being great is “it’s just better”. Eh….. while we may agree to disagree I had to investigate this theory on “it’s just better”. Why would they be ‘better’ or even ‘worse’? And that’s when I settled on story.

You see, most hardcore gamers play for story. Or so it seems. I mean, look at any of the bigger YouTube gamers. Or even, the bigger games. Metal Gear has an intricate story. Assassins Creed is a historical fictional story. Even going online for the MMORPGs, we have World of Warcraft, the top online game ever created. This game has many stories, side stories, alternate stories, etc. All of which attract the masses. Borderlands, Fallout, Bioshock all of which are futuristic stories. And even Halo has a story. And Banjo-Kazooie!

Now you have the sports games. But let’s broaden this horizon and just say your massive multiplayer games. So here you could list every sports/racing game along with some that still have stories. For instance every Mario game, Halo, certain Sonic games, Mortal Combat (Capcom vs DC). See, with these games you may not have as much story as you do buddies to play them with. This may make your gaming experience even more enjoyable.

So you can play sports games and Halo all day on your red-ring device if that suits your fancy. But to call yourself a gamer you can’t just play those style games. Or even simulation games for that matter.

To me, to have a ‘good’ game you need something to hold the consumer’s attention. Heck, even horror games have either a bit of story or a fun creepiness that hooks the masochists.

I hope you enjoy your games! Have a good one!