Dragonball From a Writer’s Perspective…

So If you’ve been around YouTube you may have stumbled across a few funny videos called “Dragonball Abridged”. These take their own approach to the worlds of DB and are pretty entertaining. While we were watching these videos yesterday I couldn’t help but think that DB is, actually, not a bad story.

No way, you’ve got to be kidding me!

No, really! Let me show you why.

Let’s look at the characters, and there are so many. Each character is pretty well fleshed out. Goku, for example, is your generally happy-go-lucky guy. But throughout the series we see him grow and change (aside from going super saiyan). He learns how to handle tough situations and enemies. Then let’s look at Piccolo. He wanted revenge. After he and Goku fight, however, he allies himself with him. Throughout the rest of the series he takes on the roles of teacher, friend, and sacrifice. We see Frieza who is evil to his core, as well as humorous. We watch his vile self doing all kinds of fights through the series and movies. He has a background and a vision. And those are only three of the many, many characters.

The story line also plays out in an interesting way. In all of the Dragonball stories you see mini plots that start and end in a short time span. Look at the fights. Loads of things are happening. The characters involved in the action are not all you see. Some may be traveling to warn a warrior, others may be seeking the dragonballs, others are the next villain. It can be very soap opera-ish. And all the while these “mini-plots” are adding up to the entire story line as a whole. Building the main plot little by little.

Also, the series has a massive sense of humor. Each race has their own naming motif. For the Saiyans it is vegetables. For Frieza’s lot… well they’re all cold. The Nameks are all musical. And, aside from the names check out their appearances. Mr. PoPo was originally considered racist due to the fact that he was colored black with large lips and no teeth. They have since scaled back the lips and made him blue.


And let’s not forget Frieza. I mean… I’m still not convinced he’s a dude.

"I'm a real boy!"

“I’m a real boy!”