Oh It’s Exciting!!!

Good evening!

So, during the past few weeks we’ve had all kinds of adventures and illnesses. I’ve seen amazing hospitals, I’ve seen death, I’ve seen cities and towns, I’ve met amazing people, and while that’s been great…. let’s face it, it’s also been exhausting. (Not even mentioning the day job.)

Anyway, through all of this we decided that a ten year dream was ready to come to fruition. Something the hubs has wanted for a long time and has researched multiple times each year. Planned trips to ‘meet and greets’ along with random run ins. Allow me to introduce to you our newest buddy, Jak!
(No this is not his bed, he stole Morgan’s.)

Jak is a retired racing Greyhound. He is a lover and melts your heart. He and Morgan are exact opposites. We now have our short, stocky, feisty Corgi and our gentle, affectionate, silly Greyhound. He is still getting comfortable in our home, but today he decided to finally tell us his thoughts! It is really neat watching him take to us each day. Morgan knew who we were from birth and visited prior to adoption, but Jak is still adjusting (which he is doing rather well actually).

We are so happy, and he seems to be too! I hope you have a great one!