Bouncing Back…

Fights. Death. Renewal.

After surviving the drama filled funeral of our loved one it’s time to press forward. Through some of these difficult times I’ve been picking up a few manga novels.
One is Millennium Snow by Bisco Hatori. When Chiyuki, a young girl with a heart condition, meets Toya, a vampire who hates blood, her world changes drastically. Toya has one problem, in order to survive he must make a companion to live for a thousand years to feed off of. In this manga you meet many zany characters and have a few giggles. Hatori uses “dio ex machina” in a very amusing way to further her story and entertain.

The second being Kamisama Kiss. Nanami Momozono has lost her home due to her gambling father’s debts. But when she unwittingly crosses paths with someone who’s abandoned their shrine she manages to become the new deity. Now she must manage to subdue her staff and take on the responsibility of answering the people’s requests in the love department. In a manga much like the love child of Fruits Basket and Inuyasha I’m sure you’ll truly enjoy the humor and insanity of Kamisama Kiss.

Those are my biweekly recommendations I hope you enjoy them! Have a good one!