Today I’ve experienced and learned a few things.
Death is ugly.
Coffee is bad.
And hospitals can be beautiful.

Our family is in the process of saying goodbye to a loved one. We’ve watched him struggle with his disease for quite some time. While it has gone fast it is never easy. Seeing the ones you care about gasping for breaths which may be their last is hard. When they look so unrecognizable…and yet so familiar.

While we struggled my husband, who knows me oh too well, searched for my old reliable – coffee. And apparently the very kind nurses have no clue how to make good coffee. *sigh* It would have been better named tea.

But the hospital is very beautiful. It has curvy walls, soothing lights, lovely artwork, and kind staff. While we sat in the room with him for possibly the last time, we felt as if we were in an upscale hotel. The waiting areas have perfect picturesque views.

So tonight will be long and painful. Emotional and sad. But joy will come in the morning.

For anyone who faces emotional issues each day I’ll say this; death happens. It’s a part of life. But your life matters! You are more loved than you know. Your spirit brings someone joy and light. Don’t take that away. You matter.

Have a good one