Doing it right…

(Look who’s actually posting on Friday!!!)

Last night I’m laying in bed watching Markiplier and Jacksepticeye per the norm, when it struck me. This is someone doing this right.

See, back in the eighties the technology of today was just really beginning to become a thing. In the nineties we, as kids, began to use PCs in the classroom. Pagers were for parents and drug dealers. Those faded with the 00’s and became cell phones and Bluetooth devices. A tablet or laptop is now the norm for nearly every household.

So, through these years you had the invention, the new user, and the hacker. And while everyone was learning to utilize this new normal we also seemed to fail repeatedly. Not for lack of trying, more for the fact that the tech was new and we were still learning to use it as well. The hackers, which are still out there today and is another story for another day, made technology a swear word to the older generation. So what has changed today?

Today’s technologies are based on those inventions from the eighties and nineties. They use those things we learned on to create bigger and better devices. If you can use a PC you can, essentially, translate over to a smartphone. But that’s only the beginning.

Today our world is very frightening. I don’t watch as much television because I disapprove of many things they show. Everything from shows to commercials all seem to trouble and promote things I would rather stay away from. So, like today’s growing generation, we have turned to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for all of our entertainment. If you need information on the world you can find it online for virtually free.

But what are these such channels and sites doing right? Well let’s break it down.

First of all they present their show, or ideas in a fashion that is vibrant and entertaining. They can hit the hard stuff, and not gloss over it, with freedom. They are using their freedom of speech to share, educate, and entertain their viewers. They do it in a way as to not offend and take advantage of being universal.

Secondly, they don’t have boundaries. By that I mean language, nationality, or religion. These internet celebrities are reaching out to everyone. The prep, jock, introvert, depressed, and everyone in between. They reach all ages and dynamics.

Thirdly, they are giving their fans a JOB. If you watch Markiplier you know you can suggest games for him to play, comment on his mistakes and successes, and give tips. If you enjoy Rhett and Link you know you can send ideas for Songbiscuits, or seek advice. These guys are taking control of YouTube and have learned the right way to keep their fans involved and enjoying the experience. They are enthusiastic and genuine.

These sites are learning to hone technology to their advantage. Not only do we enjoy watching them, but also interacting with them. They make themselves attainable. They are real to their viewers and truly become almost transparent about their cause. Not only are they connecting with fans, but they are also promoting their causes. Be it cancer, depression, or violence.

If you ever need help in connecting with such styles of internet concepts I encourage you to pick up Kristen Lamb’s book Rise of the Machines – Human Authors in a Digital World. She does a great breakdown of building your brand among other things. How to create an unmoving brand in a sea of thousands.

Well that’s all I’ve got for today. Have a good one!