No Matter How Small…

Today has been an uplifting day! It is so encouraging when you’ve been pressing on to see little victories.

This morning I woke up and did a little happy dance….which isn’t unusual unless it’s before noon. My email light on my phone was flashing and, as usual, I swiped the blooming thing to get it to quit harassing me. But as my finger left the screen my little brain noticed a teeny email that was from my WordPress account. So, naturally, it peaked my curiosity.

I cleared my eyes of their blurry haze and unplugged my phone from the charger. Then as I was scrolling through my junk folder I found a couple of gems. Someone thinks rather highly of my little posts and decided to share some!

So, I don’t know you but THANK YOU!!! You guys are the reason I do my blog. I want to share my experiences and advice with you. It is so cool when something I have learned can help you to either be entertained or learn something new!

It really made my day, and it also reminded me to get my butt back to work on my story! Haha!

Now, on another note… I know I missed this Monday and for that I am eternally sorry! How any caregivers keep their days straight is beyond me. For the days when you’re crying because I’ve failed and you need some advice click on over to Kristen Lamb’s blog and read her awesome blog. Or check out any of my faves from my Sharing is Caring page (which I have added to)!

Have a good one!