Happy Monday!

And without further ado allow me to present to you the last review in the Hush, Hush series

-Finale- By Becca Fitzpatrick


Cheshvan, the holiday that will bring war. Nora is supposed to lead that war. And though she is a new Nephil there is still much doubt in the Nephil community. So to campaign she must appear to be hanging out with the right crowd. Enter Dante.

Dante says he wants to help Nora out, much to Patch’s dismay, and train her to be a more fierce warrior. So each morning it’s up and at ’em with the physical training. But something isn’t right, Dante is giving Nora a little boost. When she begins taking devilcraft the world takes on a new view. Suddenly she can jump higher, run faster, and fight harder – but to what advantage? And why does it seem like Dante isn’t available when she really needs his advice?

With the help of her friends and various acquaintances, Nora must figure out not only where she stands, but also what she is fighting for. She loves Patch, she is suddenly unsure about Marcie, she is sure she needs Dante, and she still has school!

In this epic conclusion to the dark and detailed series you had better keep your eyes and ears open. You never really know who you can depend on and how sure a plan is. Becca Fitzpatrick seamlessly brings the jaded world into focus and finishes the story with more than a little flourish. The story twists and turns until the very end. And while some points are expected and long awaited, there are still a bunch that are unexpected.

Will there be a war? Who’s swore an oath? How bad, exactly, is devilcraft? Why is Marcie being helpful? And just where do they keep all those fallen angel feathers?

All these questions and many more will be answered in the Finale!

I have to give this novel a nine out of ten. It has tons of backstory and many twists to keep you captivated. In the end you feel the victory and relief. You take on Nora’s happiness. And I think the only reason I refrained from the ten out of ten is because the end language was ever so slightly cheesy. Sorry, but it’s true.

But I totally encourage you to pick up, and devour, this last installment in the series, trust me you won’t be sorry. It may even make you want to reread the first three. It did me.

Have a good one!