And Yours Truly Got Sick….

Why is it when you make plans to be productive you always get sick?

I have been looking into ways to amaze and astound you guys in here. Many ideas are in the works. From reads to games, from hobbies to anime, from oldies to cool newbies! But then disease struck.

In our home we just contracted three upper respiratory infections and one case of flu. And unfortunately I am not the kind who can read and be coherent when I’m under the weather. So, to save you from many an acid trip review I had to postpone my reviews and other nonsense.

But rest assured, tomorrow I fully intend to hit the books hard and take you guys on a great journey into my mind.

For now allow me to give you guys a few ideas on what to expect in the coming weeks.

1) A long awaited review

2) More behind the scenes editing moments

3) Some new pages and links for your own reading/writing pleasures

4) New recommendations on up and coming works from some of my personal faves.

I hope you have a great one!