The Loss of an Actor

It’s evening on the east coast of the USA and I’ve finally come around to finding time to write something I wasn’t stoked about.

Just before new years the world bade farewell to a highly accomplished actor. Many remember him well from both Lost Boys and Gilmore Girls, the late Edward Herrmann.

Edward Herrmann was a very talented and kind gentleman. From the articles I’ve read many an actor and actress was touched and inspired by Ed’s spirit. He is said to have shared not only his humor but also his life experiences with those around him.

Those who had the privilege of working alongside him have said they have lost a friend who will be sorely missed. Each individual statement gave the same tenor, one of having been in the presence of not only a great actor but also friend.

Amy Sherman-Palladino recounted casting Ed as Richard in Gilmore Girls.

“When we were casting the part of Richard on Gilmore Girls, we all sat around saying, ‘If we could only get Ed Herrmann.’ So we sent the script to his agent who said Ed will come in and meet, but he won’t read. We said fine — great. Set it up. The agent said, ‘But I need you to understand — he will not read.’ We said we get it — no reading. The agent said, ‘He’s Ed Herrmann. He’s worked with Woody Allen! He was in Reds! He will not, under any circumstances, read!’ We were like ‘Hey, if he’ll even sit down and talk to us, we’d be honored.’ So Ed came in. He sat down and said, ‘I like it. It’s funny. Should I read?’ We sat there in stunned silence as Ed opened the script and proceeded to read. And just like that, Richard Gilmore was sitting in front of us. And that’s when I knew this show was charmed… To our patriarch, I thank you. I miss you. And I could never repay you.” -via

As with all of the others, I too bid him farewell.