Hi There!

My name is Morgan! I am one year old today! I have been through an entire amazing year with my awesome family! I love my family! They give me all kinds of yummy treats and toys! I really like when they give me peanut butter. They can’t even say it without my ears perking up!

It’s been a fun year. They took me all kinds of places. We went to school where I learned to sit, stay, and roll over. We took a trip to a big park where I got to meet all kinds of other dogs. Some even scared me because they were so much bigger than me!

We took a trip once too! It was really long and I got REALLY bored. But I got to meet all kinds of people and play with other dogs, so that was neat.

I had a LOT of fun learning to swim in my paw-paw’s pool this past summer as well. We played all day until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more.

I even got to meet my little brothers and sisters! They didn’t mean for me to have any siblings so soon after I was born, but life happens! My little brothers and sisters weren’t very fun at first. All they could do was crawl. But then, one day I got to play with my little brother when he was older and we had a blast! Until we spilled my water bowl…

My first year has been really cool! They even let me open Christmas presents with them! I really liked the bows. They were so shiny.

On Saturday we are having my party. I’m going to get my own pupcake! They tell me it’s my favorite flavor, peanut butter!! Oh I am so excited!! I hope this year is as much fun as last year was!

Lots of Love,

Captain Morgan