Random Annoyance!!!

Ok, so I am the kind of person who thinks a little differently than most people. And as a hairdresser I think that if it’s your hair it is your decision. (Now don’t get me wrong, that chick who shaved the bottom half of her head and then dyed the rest lime green should have just read a good book that night.) Moving on…

I recently read a blog post from a rather narrow minded woman. In her opinion Caucasian people should never wear their hair in dreadlocks.


Ok…let’s work this out. In her post she said that she thinks it looks bad on Caucasians, which she is at liberty to think. I, personally, disagree… but different strokes and all that. Her argument, however, began its decline pretty early on. She stated that this particular hairstyle is only for African American hair, in her terms African hair does this automatically. …No. It does not. It may mat up if not taken care of properly, but it doesn’t ‘lock’.

And let me digress here for a moment. Last time I checked Caucasians, Hispanics, Indians, Asians, and African Americans all colored, bleached, braided, and cut their hair. (Barring religious commitments.) So, saying any hairstyle is only for one particular race is insane.

Next, she went on to state that only African American people can pull it off because of either their features or their “smoothness”.


Guys, I’m not racist. I don’t care how anyone of any ethnic background wears their hair. But this was this woman’s argument. As an African American woman! Lady, come on.

Had her argument been that dreadlocks should be restricted to those who have a specific religious affiliation or particular lifestyle that I may understand. But using your skin color as your reasoning…just no.

Now, to be fair there are some people who’s features would be best accentuated by different styles or colors but that should never stop you from trying new things.

Well… that’s my random rant for the week. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m in need of a snack.

Have a good one!