Merry Christmas!!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas! We didn’t have a huge gathering today seeing as how we had two or three the past few weeks. So today we decided to go hit the movies (with our gifted movie tickets)! Without further ado allow me to present…

Big Hero 6!

Hiro Hamada is a teen with an incredible brain for robotics. When his older brother shows him that there are greater ways to utilize his talents other than robot fighting, he decides to take on college. But when he loses his brother, plans change.

Baymax was the last invention left by his older brother. It is a medical robot whose job is to seek out those in pain and tend to their needs. His design is configured to alleviate fear and his programming is kind. After discovering one of his inventions, which he had believed to be lost, is in activation he has to find it .Who would use it? Or, more importantly, how would they use it?

With the help of his brother’s, and now his, friends Hiro begins to track down his creation and learn that loss effects many people in many ways. Not everyone deals with it the same way and it may just be a bigger problem than he first thought.

This movie has amazing characters, if they are predictable. Each one seems to have their own unique personality. Each individually enjoyable and fun. Their care for Hiro brings out more than just kindness. Each one is quirky in his or her own way. Hiro, himself, refers to them as nerds.

The story unfolds in a very realistic way. Though the ending felt a bit…rushed it still played out well enough that you didn’t feel left wanting. You get the emotions as they flow from the screen to you. And being a pretty amazing movie you travel through the ups and downs with Hiro. The relationship between the brothers is very endearing and believable.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film! It was very funny and the little things catch you off guard. My only hang up is that with it being a Disney movie the same thing happened that always happens… they kill off someone in the family. I mean come on Disney! Is this your easy out? Masochists…

But anyway, overall I would have to give this movie an eight out of ten. Great movie, wonderful story, beautiful animation. So I do encourage you to go and see it!

Have a great one!