NaNo Day 29

I. Am. So. Tired.

I have reached 41k. This month is hard. I’m tired. I can’t wait until December 1st. I think I may actually cry… *sniff*

As I prepared to do NaNoWriMo this year I felt like I had truly done some serious growth as a writer. I had to. I lost a job I enjoyed and didn’t have many options. So I did the only thing I had access to at the time. I dove head first into writing.

I have always loved the written word. You can effect people so deeply by just putting words in print. It is an amazing idea. You can whisk someone away to an awesome place with just some black and white type. It really is a cool idea.

And I began by emailing an author I admired. I thought ‘what the hey, the worst she could do is not respond.’ Then to my evident shock she did! And not only did she respond, she also gave me loads of great advice! Advice that I took and followed. I read every blog post and book I could find through the resources she had shown me. I became like a sponge absorbing each and every detail I read.

And though I have since gotten another job I still feel like writing has taken up enough space to be a part time job. I felt so strongly about it that at thanksgiving I wanted to tell someone that I wasn’t just a hairdresser, I was a writer too! And that, right there, showed me that I truly am a writer.

I may not be published, yet. I may not have any book deals, yet. I may not have an editor on demand, yet. But that’s only a part of it. I write because I love it. I do it because it is an art. If I don’t write I feel incomplete.

I always used to tell people that I loved doing three things: reading, writing, and drawing. I just felt that those three, along with some tunes, made for a great combo.

This month has challenged all of that. It has taken it to a whole new level. Writing takes a lot of time, thought, effort, study, and heart. It makes you push those mental limits. Stretch your imagination. Even look through another person’s eyes. And through it all I have only come to love writing even more.

These trenches are deep. They are dirty. They are not always fun. But I feel like with National Novel Writing Month you learn to push through all adversity and test yourself. You find out if you have what it takes to finish.

Tomorrow I want to hit that 50k mark. I can see that light at the end of this long tunnel. And while I’m not really sure where I’ll be tomorrow night, I will know I did the very best I could have.

I’ve read posts on the NaNo site that show some people with over 75k words, and that’s freaking awesome!!! Some of you are working just as hard to hit 25k. And you know what? That’s awesome too!!! I don’t know what your goal was. Like I’ve said before I was glad to report 8 thousand last year. Look at how much you’ve grown this month!

I will continue to press toward that goal. I do know that my novel will have to be more than 50k. And that is so exciting!! To know that my story won’t be complete stopping at that mark is so neat! It means that I’ve built something that wasn’t easy, but was worth the time.

So don’t give up now! You’ve got 25 hours left to go! Give it your all and your best! You’re almost there!