Good morning!

This post, as you will see, is not about novel writing. Instead I thought I’d bring you a bit of creativity and inspiration.

Last night I had the privilege of attending one of the most dazzling shows I have ever seen. I was invited to attend Amaluna preformed by Cirque Du Soleil.

Amaluna is the coming of age story about a young woman on an island of goddesses. She soon meets a young man and is taken with him, and he her. Together they face many struggles and magnificent challenges.

This show was filled with many different performances and acrobatics. It begins with creatures venturing through the crowds to gather the audience’s attention. Soon the lights are out and a very vibrant character filled with laughter takes the stage. She welcomes you in a jovial fashion to the show and becomes a part of it herself. A celebration blooms before your eyes filling the stage with colors varying from pink to emerald green to a peacock blue.

But of course it would be peacock blue, for there are peacocks!The creature’s feathers fan out on hydraulic constructs displaying their brilliant plumage that shimmers in the lights. They prance about with noble struts eyeballing the crowd below. They are followed by talented pink acrobats with swirling lights. They flip and twirl around spinning their lights and tossing them all around. And then you see their warriors. Red and tough gymnasts stomp as if wild beasts with their manes and high tails.

After the celebration you learn that some men have washed ashore their sacred island. They are afraid and disoriented. Until, that is, our greeter returns to check things out. In her busy-body way she shoos them away and around the island. One particular sailor catching her eye.

The show unfolds before you with a beautiful white peacock dance, a woman with amazing hula-hoop skills, a balancing act that causes you to hold your breath the entire time, and many more! Your eyes dance as you follow a reptilian creature and our infatuated couple through their challenges and encounters. The lady from your intro falling in love and their silly journey pops in at just the right moments to keep those spirits high.

All music is performed live. Guitarists, a drummer, singers, a cellist – all of these work their musical magic in sync with the performers bringing their already amazing show to life! (I secretly wanted to be one of those guitarists with their awesome Mohawks!)

Personally I enjoyed every minute of this experience. From arriving at the tents and fueling up on snacks to leaving with a super awesome jacket to remember the event. You will never see anything quite like it anywhere else, nor will you stop talking about it! If you get the opportunity to see it I insist you take advantage of it. The show does not disappoint.