NaNo Day 19!!!

Woah! 30,000 words bro!

I’m super thrilled to have made it over halfway there! This is mega accomplishment zone here folks!

I hope you are doing well in your endeavor. If you’ve become like me you’ve had to find a hidey-hole to retreat to in order to get any words down at all. Maybe it’s a closet or an office. Maybe it’s your kitchen table or your desk. Or maybe it’s a bunker with walls built out of books and a huge KEEP OUT sign glued to the outside.

Where ever it is don’t forget to bring in refreshments and leave on occasion to use the loo.

I wish everyone luck on hitting that 40k mark by the end of the week. With next week being Thanksgiving here in the states you may feel the need to double up on your goals to reach the end on the 30th.

Don’t give up now! You’ve made it more than halfway! Don’t loose hope!

Just remember there are loads of novelists in the same place you are right now! Everyone from the well known to the unknown, we are all with you. Whether you are behind, on schedule, or ahead keep writing!

Have a great one!