Off Beat

Okay, I just had to post this…

I honestly believe there is a book for everyone. Usually quite a few, actually. Occasionally I still stumble upon a genre or sub-genre I’ve never really understood. So allow me to address one specific sub-genre that bugs me. (Sorry, but I have to.)

The ‘Cozy Mystery’ sub-genre. On a cold winter’s day I love curling up with a “quieter” book. Usually one that is a couple hours read. Not too creepy, odd, or difficult to read. Not even a classic. Something easy. But honestly, I cannot understand this whole cozy mystery thing.

As a bookworm I will devour books one after the other. But for some reason I have always closed myself off to the whole “mystery” genre.

But you LOVE books that have mysteries! Soulless, Jane True, etc.

I know. Trust me.

But allow me to explain. When I think of mystery I think of the old Sherlock stories. I love them for what they are, don’t get me wrong. But each day I hear on the news about some murder, some crazy, some depressing fodder. When I’m reading I don’t want to continue in the same toil I’m already existing in. I want a new, and usually impossible world to discover. Something with a bit of fantasy or abnormal circumstance. I just feel like most of these “cozy mysteries” are boring.

I mean when a crime is committed the wounds are big clues, the sex is usually motive, and no town is that close. It’s like a dream world.

To me, if you want to read something cozy pick up Nancy Drew. Not only are they iconic but they also have enough suspense to keep you hooked.

I’m not saying every mystery has to be worldly or obscene. I’m also not saying they have to be explicit or profane. I’m just saying not to be so mundane. I believe what you read says a little about you. If you enjoy a dull story then you certainly have more patience than I do.

Sorry if this bugged you, but the idea bugged me. And I know people make big bucks off of cozy mysteries, but then again… McDonald’s. That is all I have to say.

Have a good one!