NaNo Day 18!

Good morning writers! According to my NaNo email we should be half way through by this point. Have you made it to the 25k mark yet?

For me this week will be the biggest challenge. What with all the doctor appointments, hair appointments, and Cirque du Solile I’m going to be speed writing. Did you see that blur?

(On your left.)

So as we move into the third week I want everyone to do one thing: go refuel on coffee! Unless you’re doing a steam punk novel then brew some Earl Grey.

If you’ve made it half way CONGRATS!! Especially if it’s your first time. NaNoWriMo is hard! I only managed 8k last year on my first NaNo.
If you are behind you are not alone. The second week was rough on us all. Don’t let a set back stop you from your goals. Pick up that pen and press on!

Good luck on the last half! You’ve made it so far!

What point are you at in your story? Have you noticed it taking a different turn? Do you see it being more than 50k? Or have you reached your marks too early? Right now just keep writing. We can edit later. Fast draft people!