NaNo Day 12!

Good afternoon!

I’ve made it up to 23,000 words! Going for 30,000 by the end of the week!

I wanted to encourage you today with something that happens when I least expect it.

Once again my subconscious has decided to show me its plans! I love those little surprises.
As I was writing I’ve been getting a little nervous about my plot points. As I’ve said before I dread connecting those dots. And when I’ve been using bits from what I’ve written before I become a bit brain dead.

I was looking back at my index cards and felt like I had never seen them before. I truly believed I had lost my perspective. I was afraid I was going to have to reread Plot & Structure to remember my own plot!

But I kept writing!!!

And as I typed down something that I was sure was insignificant my mind was secretly working behind the scenes. (Because that’s the only way it accomplishes anything apparently.) Not only did it connect the dots flawlessly, it also enhanced my story line. It threw in an extra feature I hadn’t expected. It also allowed me to flesh out a couple of characters a bit better.

So guys, when you are feeling the writing drags and believe you are doing nothing but running towards a wall (say it with me) keep writing!

If you’ve got your ending set then all you have to do is get there.

Think of it like a mental GPS. You may go seemingly around the world to get there but once you’ve arrived you’ll have had an amazing adventure. Not to mention a great story to tell!

So I implore you to press on! You’ve made it 12 days so far!
Have a great one!