On the Eighth Day of NaNo my Poor Brain Said to Me…

Are we there yet???

It’s the 8th day and I’m beginning to feel it. How about you guys? My brain has gone from creative and wonderful to survival mode.


It’s at this point in the marathon of writing that my metaphorical legs are burning and my heart pounding. But I know I’m about to hit that stretch where it’s just endurance.

Anyway, for today’s writing advice I thought I’d go back to that growth phase I had mentioned before.

I have heard from many an author and editor that during the first book the learning process can be rough. I think one of the best ways we begin to grow is by realizing we are FAR from perfect. That novel you are working on? It is going to feel like your newborn baby when you’ve finished it. It’s going to look and seem absolutely perfect. To you. But when that editor begins to pick it apart and tell you to cut things out we have to suck it up and deal. But Missy just has to tell you in six chapters why she made that choice! No. Just let it go. (Yeah, I started singing too.)

We all have strong points and weak points. But as the good ol’ boys on Rhett and Link said, you have to realize how much you have to learn. Or be aware that you lack the understanding in some areas.

I’ve always hated the phrase “young and dumb”. I have always felt that only an ignorant person would use that term. You see, you have the ability to learn something new each day. No one dies knowing everything. Each new job you start, each new class you take, each new anything you begin will require new knowledge. Perhaps a better way to phrase that thought would be “young and inexperienced”.

So if you keep that in mind, that you don’t actually know it all, you will do fine. And while you do know your story better than anyone else ever will, you still may not know everything about being an excellent writer. And yes, it will hurt. And you may cry. And you may do what some authors do and leave it in no matter whose advice you get, but you may kick yourself for it later. Don’t be afraid of change.

Veronica Roth said that she was challenged to write the capture the flag scene in Divergent to better explain why someone would choose Dauntless. Lisa Wiedmeier said she wished she would have taken the advice of her editor on her first novel more, now Sam is one of her greatest assets. You never know when a change or adding something may enrich your story.

I hope you are still writing and keeping those goals! Have a great one!