NaNo Day 4

Good afternoon to all the NaNos out there! I hope you haven’t given up yet!

Today I thought I would give you some advice on enduring the journey.

We all love a good story. Whether it’s a book, movie, or play we all want to hear a story. And if you’ve never written one before you may think it’s so easy you could do it in your sleep.

Then you decided to take part in NaNoWriMo.

When I was in high school my brain would catch a whim every few minutes.  Day in and day out I enjoyed my muse. We would chat and she would bring me new ideas each day. Then I’d write a scene based on that idea.

One day I decided to put together a string of thoughts and create a story based on my friends and our wacky imaginations. It was great! It was fun!
Would I have let any editor or publisher read it? Heck no! But that wasn’t what it was for. I wrote it because I enjoyed it.

These days when I look back on that story (which I finished by the way) I wince. Though I love it, and keep many memories there, it is dreadful!

But I look back and see another thing also. I had one rule while writing: once it’s down you can’t take it back. You can’t erase or backspace.

Sounds crazy right?  Wrong!

I did, unknowingly, a fast draft.

While I was writing every little drop from my imagination I was also using an amazing writing technique!

As I jotted and scrawled I kept a few pages to one side that I could list thoughts for later on as well. If my subconscious began plotting and let my consciousness know of it I would put it on my list of plot points.

Today as I journey through NaNoWriMo with you I want to point out that you have to keep writing. Sometimes you’ll want to reread what you’ve written so far – don’t! Just pick up where you stopped before and keep going.


Because your mind is plotting.

You may look at the story years from now and think it’s dreadful. But guess what, you finished! That’s more than loads have ever accomplished! And then you can start the second phase of growth. We’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

For now, what is your fear? What stops you from writing? Let me hear it!

(By the way I have NaNo brain so some posts are less coherent and I apologize. )
Have a great one!