Life Saver!!!!

Oh my soul!!! I get so frustrated with technology!

Let it be known that I was born female and with no knack for technology. Some might mistake me for a tech know-it-all on a day to day basis but they would be mistaken.

You see, no matter how hard I try to understand the inner workings of the web and every device connected to it I just can’t. I can accomplish many a task and do whatever any tech support specialist tells me to without error, but solving it myself…..just no.

So, today as I was pulling up my OneNote I faced the same problem I’ve had for quite some time.


I could not get my online account and my files on my phone/laptop to connect and sync. And for a writer this is imperative!

I googled, I studied, I researched every facet I could find (and did, in fact, fix one problem *success!!*) and could not solve the issue.

And then the hubby appeared!

Hubby is a technological whiz. He can do just about anything with a computer. Thankfully he picked me to marry because otherwise…. well let’s just say a few dozen monitors would have been disabled-permanently.


So, for today write that novel on whatever works for you. I use both laptop and notebook. I plan and fly by the seat of my pants. Do what works and sally forth!

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you! Good luck!