Ready, Set, Write!

While I’ve been reading and working like a little busy bee my mind has been spinning! And it wasn’t until yesterday that I finally noticed the date.
Saturday is the kickoff of NaNoWriMo!!!

It’s that time of year again! Where thousands, maybe even millions, of writers tackle that 50,000 word novel!

Join the fun on! How?
By signing up for a free account! When you sign up you are given access to people who encourage you as we all endeavor to succeed!
And while writing that many words seems quite daunting, never fear! There are loads of items in their store you can purchase to aid in the journey. All kinds of things to pump you up!

When joining the NaNoWriMo community you are added to that region’s role and have access to all sorts of writer’s gatherings! Be a part of all the socials, pep-talks, and forums! Learn that you are truly NOT alone in this world called literature. And when you’ve felt like you’ve struggled enough there’s someone around to cheer you on.

NaNoWriMo is an amazing month! Don’t miss out!

I, myself,  will be taking on the challenge. Putting my creative brain to work as I scribble furiously to finish my novel. I am committing to posting something each day to encourage you to keep writing!

So go to your local office supply store and stock up on pens, pencils, index cards, highlighters, and battery chargers then dart over to your super market and pick up all the coffee and RockStar you can to prepare for weeks of writing!

Remember you ARE a writer!

For those of you who are more tech savvy I highly recommend using One Note. It allows you to type up your thoughts and create tabs you can search. It is a GREAT way to neatly compile your chaotic writers mind for future reference. It connects with most devices (except Kindle Fire apparently) and syncs up automatically. So whenever you are on your laptop, cell phone, or tablet you are viewing the same list you made on the others.

(No I am not sponsored by any of the companies listed, free advertising is free. )

Have a great day and get ready to write!