Taking a personal day…

When your best friend has open heart surgery the entire world stops. (Or I wish it did. )

We’ve been house hunting still, keeping tabs on my friend, working, moving a family member into assisted living, trying to keep up with laundry (we need a maid! ), raising acrazy dog, and trying to have a life!

The strange thing is when work becomes the vacation. Doing hair becomes personal therapy. Driving to and from turns into me time.

So through it all somehow I’ve managed to read two to three books at once! And now Books A Million has appeared on our mall scene and given me new stomping grounds!
(This is kind of a big deal around here because since Borders closed its doors our pretty busy town has been completely bereft as far as books! )

Not counting independent bookstores and kindles, which are all well and good. But there’s something therapeutic about the smell of hard copy print. *Deep breath*

So, running off early and catching my hubby we race to Starbucks (for their infamous pumpkin spiced latte) then to the mall for a browse. (Can you believe he found something to read? )

But anyway, you can expect Jane True book 2 review soon. As well as Sense and Sensibility *gasp!*. And one more that I’ll have to find in print somewhere since nobody bothered to mention in book three of this particular series that it was, in fact, book three!

Hope your week has been less stressful than mine! Have a good one!