Five Awesome Things That Are Unfortunate

Today we are addressing a few things that are popular in mainstream America, and possibly around the world, that probably shouldn’t be. Not that they aren’t cool, but just that they have been over used to sell merch, make films, attain new fans that don’t even get it. Posers, if you will. Let’s begin.


Number 1: Tinkerbell


Now Tinkerbell is a fairy from the story Peter Pan. She is a narcissistic, vain, pretty fairy with a thing for Peter. She also hates Wendy, stating horrible things about her when frustrated.

Tinkerbell in society has become a starlet. As a sexy Halloween costume, a nighttime shirt, and many other marketable pieces. Not that she isn’t cool, or that the movies weren’t good, but it’s time that all those preppy girls tone it down and let the magic of the fairy tale be kept to a bedtime story. That’s what made this character great, the dream world magic.


Number 2: Alice in Wonderland


Now, I know it’s actually Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland so lay off me. While I love this topsy-turvy world that is really trippy and all of the characters in it, I feel like they are trying to make this into something mainstream as well. However, with its questionable roots and imagery it may still stand a chance.

This classic, in it’s weirdness, has spawn many, MANY different projects. Everything from the odd miniseries to horror video games (Alice is freaking awesome!). But with all the twists and turns, people trying to make this strange children’s story an innocent, easy going tale is crazy! We want it to stay odd, but not common.

Yet another sexy Halloween costume? No thanks!


Number 3: Batman


This is a hero that can permeate multiple demographics. Which, to a point, is great. I get that super heroes are always going to be popular. Whether you are a child or an adult they maintain their captivating nature. Who doesn’t want super powers?

Batman, being a hero without all the powers of spiders, kryptonite, or other worlds, has always been the hero with a dark past. (Duh, the Dark Knight!) But as times have changed Batman has become more mainstream. It’s as if they are still trying to maintain that man-in-tights classic image.

I’m not knocking honoring the history, I’m pointing out that while I respect the origins, trying to recreate the original is not a good idea. People are always redefining the storyline, but you can’t change where you came from.

Sexy batgirl Halloween costume? Eh, no one really cared for her anyway…right?


Number 4: True Blood



I mean, did you even read the books? And the last two or three of those? Let alone the show….

No, just no. Great actors in bad shows does not a good show make. And bad accents are bad.


Number 5: The Nightmare Before Christmas

nmbc <—Want!!!

This movie was freaking genius!!!

I have yet to see a movie that Tim Burton has done that didn’t work on some level. I love the dark light to his stories. As a child my older brother and I really bonded over this strangely beautiful movie. From the original figurines, to him buying me Jack and Sally dolls on his honeymoon in Disney.

But, unfortunately, this has become another one of those merch pits. Every Halloween the paraphernalia takes center stage with Jack masks and sally dresses. We’ve all seen those crazy gloved hands.

Even Tim Burton himself tried to rehash his own success with the Corpse Bride. Lightning certainly didn’t strike twice here.

While I appreciate a really clever T-shirt and the occasional mega snow globe, companies like Hot Topic (sorry guys, love ya!) and Spencer’s Gifts (ditto!) have made this into a mega marketing device and nearly ruined the indie movie. It was, and should remain, a cult phenom.

Sexy Sally Halloween costume? Please no.


What do you think? I’d love your opinion! Or let me know if I’ve left anything out!

Have a great one!