Tempest Rising (Book 1)

By Nicole Peeler

(I finally re-read it and am now reviewing it.)

Something is fishy and it’s not just Jane!

After living for twenty plus years as a human everyone deemed crazy, Jane True learns she is a little more than human. Or less, depending on how you look at it. And in a small, gossip-loving town that’s not exactly a good thing.

One evening while secretly swimming in frigid ocean waters she discovers a corpse, setting off a series of encounters with some very unique characters. From a tiny gnome to a hell hound. From a kelpie to a vampire. Each of which inform her that she is, indeed, special. And for someone like Jane, who for so long felt abnormal, this is a shock.

Soon Jane sets of on an amazing journey to learn more about herself and whoever killed the man from the beach. All the while being escorted by a super hunky vampire who feeds in quite the seductive way.

But it would seem someone is after Jane and she must keep her eyes open and her hands to herself, otherwise someone may get burned!

The Tempest series is riddled with mystery, fantasy, quirky comedy, and some uber sexy escapades! These novels are sure to make you giggle and want to go make out with your significant other. I give them a slightly naughty nine out of ten. Nicole Peeler is quite clever and talented. Her books keep you on your toes. And while some chapters, and later novels, leave you hanging, she craftily builds the anticipation and intrigue until you can’t put it down!
(I only had to tell myself it’d be there in the morning a million or so times!)

But they truly are great books. For any of you who read the Sookie Stackhouse novels you will love these even more, I’m sure. (Especially the ending…)

Good Reads!