Insert Key, Rotate!

So I recently had an experience with my car. Each time I tried to start the engine you would hear that dreaded *whur,whur,whur* before the engine caught. Which it then did and I drove the thirty minute commute to my job. One day I tried to start my vehicle and it *whur,whur,whured* and died. Phhhhtt! After replacing the battery the car runs great!

Well, I am beginning to understand what my car was going through.

We’ve been house hunting (in between all the other bazillion things we have to do) this past month or two. It has been quite the journey. From hell holes to perfection we have seen it all. Whether it just needs a few paint jobs or a fire and rebuild we have considered all of our options.

While looking for a house we have dealt with placing a loved one in assisted living, working to build business, taking care of our puppy, doing household necessities, and reading/writing.

So after making two separate offers on homes we either liked or loved (and I’m talking adored) both were ripped out from under us before we had a chance. (Our running joke is, if you want it to sell let us see it once.)

My brain is now making a whurring noise each morning and then every time I find a semi-cute house.

Luckily we aren’t desperate for a house and can stay where we are comfortably for a while. (So take that investors!)

Until then, I just keep hidden beneath the stacks and enjoy my view from under the pages.

I hope your week is going better than mine!