Guest Gamer Review!

The hubby finally wrote another review! Even I like this game and I hate scary stuff! Without further ado:

Five Nights at Freddy’s

It’s Me.


So I don’t normally play horror games, but there is something about Freddy and his BFFs. Something that draws unsuspecting players in.


In Five Nights,  you play as a newly hired security guard for a Chuck E Cheese knock-off called Freddy Fazbears’s Pizza. In the day, Freddy and friends entertain children with song and dance. At night, they entertain themselves by hunting down a novice security guard… You.


In Five Nights, you find yourself unable to move or fight back against your attackers. You only have so much power to last through the night. If the power goes out, Freddy will come to play. And when I say play, I mean kill.


Due to your lack of escape or a means to fight back, Freddy’s is a true nightmare. All you can do is watch as robots converge on you, lock down the office, and pray you can last the night.


Can you survive five nights at Feddy’s ?




Let’s eat !

The indie game Five Nights at Feddy’s suffers from what most indie game do, low budget and a small production team. The graphics are little more than still images that change slightly depending on who is in the frame. This really put me off when I first saw the game.


The sound is what really sets the mood and draws me in. The sound, in addition to the dark lighting really amps up the creepy factor. Hearing someone or something singing, or walking near my door really gets the heart racing.


At only $5, this game is sure to give any horror fan a few hours of fun, or at least a short distraction.