Call Me Old Fashioned

So, here’s my daily rant:

I’ve been reading again and watching movies. As some of you may have noticed I enjoy a good science fiction/ fantasy novel with some romance thrown in. I love reading about couples coupling without all the uber explicit stuff. I can’t read a legit romance novel without gagging.

My problem comes when I’m looking for that movie with a good make-out scene or a bit of romance. Even some books have this. Why is it that so many movies, books, and even web sites are encouraging cheating? Nobody likes being cheated on!

I’ve gotten so irritated with this! And the people who are reading all of this wonder why their relationships are failing. And the writers that put this in their novels? Ugh!

Now if you want to write about a single girl dating around that’s fine. People do that. But with marriages suffering enough as it is why are we adding to the fire?

I am a realist and I understand that life does lead people in different directions and people have different values, but cheating on your significant other is wrong in pretty much every culture.

Taboo. Everyone wants to indulge in the taboo stories. But see, here’s the deal- when you read a story you automatically find things in real life to relate to it. Songs, for example, or foods. How many times have you listened to a specific song because it fit the scene or was mentioned in the book? How many times have you cooked and tried that dish because the author made it sound so yummy? So then, how many times have you read about a hot guy and started comparing real individuals to them?

Reading about that stay at home woman getting with the milk man, or whatever job he has, will only encourage misfortune.

Ugh! I mean reading about pretty girl and attractive guy dating and whatnot is one thing. I just can’t stand all of these ‘steamy romance’ stories that are only folks cheating on their spouse.

I think that’s why I really loved the Parasol Protectorate series. It’s funny, clever, and sexy without being some story about cheating.

Anyway, that’s my daily rant.
Have a good one!