Where do I belong?

Today I read a post on Kristen Lamb’s blog that inspired this idea.

Being a writer is kind of like doing hair. You spend countless hours honing your craft. You work extremely hard to get yourself noticed. Then you have your actual life.

Taking care of loved ones and children. Cooking, cleaning, and being everywhere all at once. Having everyone ask you ‘what if it doesn’t work?’. Being beaten down by family and friends for something they don’t think will ever make you into anything. (I swear if I hear ‘when are you going to school?’ one more time!)

So much of the world feels against the writer. No one seems to just get it. That between all of your obligations you are trying to matter and better yourself. That you are attempting to finally do something you enjoy. To take that leap of faith.

Ugh! I can’t live off of the ‘what if’. I’m going to make it happen. If you always worry about everything you’ll never do anything!

But here… On the blog o sphere you have support. We all face the same struggles. We all are trying to make our dreams a reality. To get those blasted, loud, crazy, fun characters out of our heads and down on that page! To give those who read something to read!

When you hear those negative opinions saying that it may not work or it isn’t reliable, just pick up that old phone or tablet and read a writer’s blog.

You are not alone. You CAN do this. Remember why you started. Remember that zeal. You are a writer!

So write!

I don’t always get a chance to sit and put my 1000 words down. But that doesn’t mean I’m done writing. We all struggle and stumble but there’s still a story to be told.

I hope this helped yall as much as it did me!