The important things…

For anyone wanting to be a writer I have recently heard some amazing advice. (Aside from keep writing!)

First I have to say that if you want to be a writer then be a writer! If you write you are one!

Anyway, what I was saying was find someone who encourages you to write. Someone who, even through all of your daily routine and sudden mishaps, is not afraid to steal your phone and change that pinterest password to keep you going.

Writing is work and takes a form of discipline. Though there is a freedom and flexibility, without your story being on paper you have nothing.

Another thing is aim to finish. Even if it sucks at first, at least you finished something!

These tid-bits don’t come directly from me. Kristen Lamb (at and Scott Bell have loads of great advice. And I, myself, am learning as I write. Growing as a writer is a part of it. If you stop growing you stop existing as I see it.

I also think that learning keeps you humble. That way when someone finally edits your work you have a better mind set. ‘Show me what you are talking about.’

I hope this gives you encouragement. If you have to write between shifts or taking care of family do it!

Have a great one!