Missing the Classics

OK. I know there are many series out there. Everything from Twilight to Divergent. They are huge books and many have good stories. Now let it go.

I miss the good old classics. The books that knew good sacrifice. That knew duty is sometimes more important than heart. (Hello Mulan reference. )

Everyone loves the happy ending, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But when deus ex machina shows its ugly head it bugs me. Oh the lead can’t follow his true love because he’s royal. Oh wait! He has a long lost brother? Abdication!

No. No, no, no!

I miss Sense and Sensibility. I miss Wuthering Heights. People who lost their loves.

Even though Marianne loved Willoughby she lost him. Happy ending: she gets with colonel Brandon.

Wuthering Heights showed us tortured love. Heathcliff and Cathy love each other and they won’t come together. They torment each other the entire time until Cathy dies! Tragedy!

But when did you last love a character that the author truly killed? A story that made you mad because they took a real character you cared about from you.

I can think of a handful. The Uglies series. The Dark Matter Heart series. These had a few people in them that you came to root for-then the author killed them!

As a writer I, like many others, fall in love with my characters. But one thing Scott Bell taught me is to become the masochist. Torture your characters. Put them through absolute hell. Have no mercy.

Now don’t leave your readers without hope. That’s what makes even a tragedy awesome.

In Wuthering Heights we had the hope of the children.

Heck, in Holes by Louis Sachar it focused on the child to save the family from ruin.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this: read a classic! It teaches you so much about history, life, and love.
A great lesson? Sometimes God says no.

Have a good one!