I had to take a break…

As life has become very busy and stressful I had to take a break from my writing and reading. (Don’t worry, I’ll get back with it shortly. )

In the meantime I have been studying how to be a Titus 2 woman. The book by Martha Peace is awesome. Truly a ten out of ten. It not only gives you biblical advice but Scriptures to back everything up.

However, it reminds me of my writing study books. After a couple of chapters I’m on information overload! Which in this case is not very good. To absorb the information and be capable of putting it to use I have to ration my study.

Whether you are leaning to write, be a godly wife and mother, or any other aspirations take your time. Read-mediate-practice. Read: learn the theory. Meditate: absorb and break it down to yourself, with help if you need it. Practice: put it to use.

Think about a lecture you’ve sat under. You listen and take notes. Why do we take notes? Our brains are prone to drifting. The lecturer says something about chicken and you remember that you forgot to take out your chicken for dinner. And now you have missed five minutes of lecture!

When you are reading some study book take notes. Your brain eventually will drift and after you’ve read that same paragraph eight times take a break to meditate over your notes. Allow your brain time to soak in all you’ve just learned.

I hope this makes sense for you. And I do encourage everyone to read Becoming A Titus 2 Woman by Martha Peace.

Have a good one!