Fated Part Three

By Lisa Wiedmeier

Everyone is concerned about Cheyenne. Some for Callon as well. If she doesn’t pull back from that sweet oblivion all hope is lost.

Each part of Cheyenne’ s family is worried. What happens when a timeless losses their light? The one thing that gives meaning? How does one handle this much loss?

From the eyes of each we get a glimpse of their take from the situation. The histories, the suffering, the losses, and most importantly the love.

In the third Fated novel we drift along memories and dreams. Picking up where the second left off, we experience all of Cheyenne’ s family’s heartache. Learning she’s truly not alone.

I give this one a nine out of ten. I enjoy learning the back stories and thoughts of everyone. Lisa truly fleshes out her characters very well. You feel their sacrifice and sorrow. If you’ve enjoyed the first two Fated novels and the Cheyenne novels through Daylight then immerse yourself in this companion to the series.

Have a good one!