Strange things

When I sit and write I imagine what my characters are doing and where. From time to time this is where I get hung up. I tend to be really particular about my when and where. That’s why a fast draft works well for me.

But on occasion when I look back at what I wrote the day before and do a little studying…. well, let’s just say I shock myself. Especially when my writing hits a mark I didn’t even know existed.

I’ve been to one of the places in my story, very briefly, so all I knew is what the traffic would be like. Now while thinking about this I don’t actually know the route or the travel time.

Without giving too much away, I managed to get my character to get destination in the exact time necessary. Creepy.

That just shows your brain knows what it is doing even if you don’t. Gotta love the fast draft!

Have a great one, and write on my friends!