I need a crowd!

To follow me. I need a huge group of anonymous fans to follow me. I say this because apparently I don’t get inspiration unless people are around.

For some reason when people are chatting around me things just click. In the book Dialogue, Gloria tells her readers to eaves drop on random conversations and place them in a more fascinating setting. I’m thinking my brain is automatically wired to accomplish this task.

My mind has always focused best in a group setting. Whether it’s reading, writing, or drawing all of these turn out way better when I’m surrounded.

There was a show on TV once that explained when a child with autism is panicking while rocking back and forth, covering their ears and humming, that this is called stimming. They said most people engage in this behavior. If you’ve been in a conversation and tapped your pen, twirled your hair, bitten your nails that is stimming.

Now I’m not autistic, but perhaps my version of stimming is writing. The way I deal with crowds and loud noise is by transferring it into something productive. Then again, who knows?

So, I’m assuming this is all a way for me  to explain why I have a VERY difficult time writing on my days off work. It’s what makes my creative process stunted.

On the bright side, I have plenty of brain power to blog updates for you and study more writing techniques. đŸ™‚

So for all my fans, who can’t create my personal posse, I wish you all a great day!