What I should be doing…

I really ought to be reading the rest of Dialogue. But instead I’m stalking everyone on social media.

The good news is after coffee with two of my characters and a short chat with one disagreeable lady, I’ve gotten down 1,000 more words. These guys are bursting with excitement to tell their story, which in turn excites me to tell it!

As a writer I hate writing the parts that lead up to the excitement. Now don’t get me wrong, there can and should be pivotal moments in the valleys. But it makes me impatient which can sometimes make me jump the gun. Breaking James Scott Bell’s advice to drag out each scene and bit of tension for all it’s worth. This is why I like to write everything in a notebook before typing it up.

Guys, if I have learned anything from my writing experiences it is this: KEEP A NOTEBOOK! And index cards. I’m also a highlighter fan as well.

You know what? I could live in the office supply aisle. It’s very difficult to not find a use for something.

Anyway, I’m super excited that my story is now in full swing. I’ve made it through the valley and pressed on. I can’t wait to weave this tale tightly into an amazing novel for your reading pleasure.

Once again I beg you guys on my little knees, please tell EVERYONE about this book. Share this blog on your social media. Tell all your friends to repost it!  Every little bit helps.

I hope you all have a great one!