Getting to know you

Sometimes when I’m sitting and reading I get a little tap on my brain. Other times it’s a loud knock. But either way I open that door to hear what my characters have to say. I have to say the person on the other side had me stunned!

I’ve been wracking my brain for the perfect male for my story. What is his name? What does he look like? And when I try to force myself to imagine him he would just disappear around a corner.

But apparently my subconscious had been keeping this guy a secret until now. And I was quite glad it did.

Today he decided to let me get to know him. To show himself to me and my main character (she’s thrilled by the way and angry I told you that). He has decided to tell me his part of the story. He wants me to tell you that he can’t wait for you guys to meet him in my book.

So without further ado, I’m going to go have coffee and chat with these two. May you reap the benefits!